Monday, May 17, 2010

May....oh, May...

I never realized until this year just how busy the month of May is. So much has been going on around here, and we're only half done.

Loveable competed in the 4-H Shooting Sports North Louisiana Regionals. The top 15 from north Louisiana and top 15 from south Louisiana get to compete in the Louisiana state tournament (which was on Mother's Day). Well, she placed 12th in regionals and second in state. Super proud! Their end of season banquet was last Saturday night. They have the best instructors...all volunteers, mind you. They love our kids like their own.

The girls started their second session of gymnastics. Princess is now a level 2 and Loveable is now a level 3. Loveable has joined the competitive team and will be inducted onto the team this Friday at their banquet. Gymnastics camps coming up in few weeks.

My memaw (my step-mother's mom) passed away last week. Went to her funeral in Lufkin, Texas. So many people I haven't seen in nearly 2 decades. Been nice to have heard memaw yodel one last time.

Yesterday, my best friend's oldest boy, along with 3 others, had his first communion. Congratulations, Hunter! Super special day!

SLY (St. Lucy Youth) Group has ended for the year, as well as PSR. Gotta figure out something different before the next year begins. How do you get through to pre-teens/young teens?

Need to start getting dojo ready for our summer karate camp. This year there will be 2 sessions. Each will be a week long. Also, need to start preparing for our St. Lucy Fall Festival. I will be heading that up again this year. Have a few things I need to discuss at our upcoming Pastoral Council meeting Sunday.

OHOHOH...we have chickens! Well, they are pullets...and possibly one cockerel. I hope not. I'm not a huge fan of roosters. They, I believe, are pure evil. Just my opinion.

Our garden (FINALLY) is looking good this year. The last couple years have been horrible. Our plants are actually producing!

Ummmmm....I think that's all. No, we have not finished school yet. Have taken quite a bit of time off this year, but we will be finished up soon. I'm ready to start planning for next school year.

Needing to get the girls finished up on their Religious Awards for Girl Scouts.

Ok, I now see I need to go back to schedules. I'm tired.

One more blessing to hubby is working here in town! YAY! Yay that he is blessed to have a job and yay that he doesnt have to drive over an hour any more to get there.

Now...time to get some schooling done before karate. I'll post pictures Wednesday from all the above. Have a blessed day!